National Theatre of Târgu-Mureș - Tompa Miklós Company

Running time: 2h 30' 

Age limit: 14+ 

Cast: László Csaba, Fülöp Bea, Kádár Noémi, Bartha László-Zsolt, Kovács Botond, Szabadi Nóra, Henn János, Kádár L. Gellért, Csíki Szabolcs, Galló Ernő, Berekméri Katalin, Varga Balázs, Simon Boglárka-Katalin, B. Fülöp Erzsébet, Meszesi Oszkár, Bartha László-Zsolt, Tollas Gábor

Hungarian translation - dramaturg: Ungár Júlia 

Costume designer: Benedek Mari 

Set designer: Ambrus Mária 

Directed by Zsótér Sándor 


Henriette John wishes to have a child. She gave birth to a boy before, who died. They couldn't even baptize him. Her husband is a carpenter working in Hamburg. One day Paulina Piperkarcka appears, the Polish maid, who is pregnant. Her fiance left her. She wants to kill herself. Heni buys the child from her. When John returns home, he is very surprised, but then surrenders himself to the unexpected joy. After recovering from the post-natal shock, Paulina wants to see the baby. She was led to believe that the child's father would marry him now. Heni sends her away and asks her brother, Bruno, to flick the girls intention away. Bruno kills Paulina. Henriette will commit suicide. And there is a comically fierce debate about the old and the new theater forms. Spitta, a prominent theologian who loves acting says: a cleaning lady can be just as tragical as Lady Macbeth. But Hassenreuter, the ex theatre director replies: "here's your tragic muse, Spitta!" And, as to something unimaginable, points to Henriette John laughing, who steps in at the cue.